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Imagine what we can do for your impossible compute problem


Introducing Digital Cortex

next generation compute cloud.

Digital Cortex uses the best compute device for each job. Use the right device. Finish faster. Pay less.

This is not Function as a Service. This is not GPU as a service. This is Every-Device-As-A-Service.

creates optimized functions.
Cortex Designer creates accelerated workflows.
Run on our hardware or yours.

Digital Cortex with Cards

The Features You Want

confidential. accelerated. affordable.

Digital Cortex with Features

Digital Cortex is the confidential cloud. We don't need your personal data to offer a great service. We don't track your activity on other websites.

Digital Cortex is the accelerated cloud. We offer the latest generation computing devices as a service. Our low-code orchestration software make them easy to use.

Digital Cortex is the affordable cloud. We bill by the millisecond so you pay for no more than you use. Our pricing is simple and gives you complete control.

The Way You Want Them

Digital Cortex works with how you work.

How to use Digital Cortex

Works with the Cloud you have

to give you the Cloud you always wanted.

Digital Cortex runs in your cloud or use our GPUs, FPGAs, and other xPU devices.


Digital Cortex lets you build your solution to run on all hardware. Pick the best device and use the others are backup.


Data Scientists

Iterate faster by offloading long running processes to Digital Cortex. We will make them not so long running.

Data Scientist


What could you do if budget and resources were no concern? Fail fast. Succeed faster. That's what you would do.


Simple Pricing

No hidden fees.



Cruising Speed

Cruising Speed

$ 499 / mn

CortexOne & Cortex Designer

No Compute Fees

Cancel Anytime

Warp Speed

Warp Speed

$ 39 / mn

Web & API

$.02 per device-second

12 Months

Hyper Speed

Hyper Speed

$ 499 / mn

App Server

5% Compute Discount

12 Months

Light Speed

Light Speed

Starting at $ 7500 / mn

Digital Cortex

No Compute Charges

36 Months

The Fine Print

1 Device-second is the compute time onboard one device. We bill by the millisecond.
HTTPS over internet included. Dedicated Network, VPN, and Secure Lines available.
Applications may have license and support fees. Prices are set by the publisher.

Bring your code for even lower rates.

HyperHuman Support

Not AI pretending to be a person

HyperHuman™ Support

A Real Person

Our HyperHuman Support is a real person with the skills and authority to solve the problem.

You Can Talk To

Every company says they have great people. We don't hide our great people behind chatbots, IVRs, and "the process".

Who Can Fix It

Our HyperHuman Support Team is authorized to make the decision, spend the money, and get the problem fixed.

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